Oct 9, 2013

Out with the Old and in with the Newer.

Well, we finally said goodbye to ole Jezebel.  I kind of thought the husband would have been a little sad...but he wasn't.  She burned a quart of oil every 200 miles, plus needed new tired and new brakes.  Plus she had 225,000 miles on her.  She was well loved. 

Doesn't the husband look like a cardboard person or something?  Here's the newish vehicle.  I'm not sure what possessed us to purchase a Subaru, but it happened.  I always swore I'd never buy one for reasons that are probably too stereotypical to write on a blog, yet, here we are.  I actually really like it.  We decided to go this route mainly for this baby coming in April.

The husband had been working late...like super late, so I hadn't even seen the car for about a week right after we bought it.  Finally, Saturday came and to drive around the canyon.  (The husband was super worried that Kona wasn't in the family photo.  Please notice her round body that takes up half the picture.)

We used to be such an outdoorsy family...well, before that baby.  Maybe a new care will help us get back into the groove of the great outdoors again!

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