Oct 2, 2013

Tradition!! New and Old

Tis the time of harvest at Auntie Mitsie's.  (Ignore the giant weeds.  When I told you this time I really did nothing for the first 3 months of pregnancy...I meant it.) 

Our corn was kind of sad, but Aiko loves it small or big...but we grew all sorts of stuff.  Plus, it's still growing.  We've got enough carrots, beats, tomatoes, squash, okra, beans...everything.  Sadly though, I usually love carrots, but the carrots from the garden are tooo carroty for this Mama Bear.  I love roasted veggies, but I can't stand the taste of smell of the carrots cooked. 

Baby girl had been teething for the last week or so.  She was more cuddly, but usually angry much of the time. 


The sun made an appearance on Saturday, so I felt this baby needed to get out!  Vitamin D and some good old sun should help us feel better right?  Also, this porch is now on the third generation of babies.  (Well, it has been for years, but now it's my family's turn.)  Good Day.  (Yes, we grew those little pumpkins...why they always go orange so soon, I'll never know.  Never fear, we have a very large one out in the field still.)


 After searching high and low, I finally found my Moby.  Right where I left it from my Iowa trip.  For some reason I thought Aiko was too big for it...Silly me.  She's still the same size...as she was at 4 months.  But after this last teething episode...there is no teeth, but I believe her little legs grew some. 

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