Oct 23, 2013

Aiko is one, plus a little letter.

Such a happy picture.  I really do love it. 

So, I tell the husband to put her in an adorable outfit, because it's her birthday right?  So instead...he puts her in this stained onesie, tights with little ballerina feet, plaid pants, complete with a giant sweat band we got the other week.  (That's why her hair looks so awesome)  I ask him what he was thinking and he replies, "It's all red and white!"  Ah, yes.  It's true.  Oh, this husband of mine.  Aiko looked like someone out of the show Dodgeball.  I think it does it just to see me freak out. Luckily, grandparents pulled through and purchased her an adorable outfit.

I've had all these months to plan and think about what to do for her birthday...in the end, I did the bare minimum.  I even had these scrapbooking pieces for her little toppers. 

Yeah for cupcakes!

It's like she never had sugar...well, she's never had that much before...ever. 

 Auntie Hannah and Aiko will probably forever share their birthdays...since it is only 4 days apart.  I just now realized how dangerous it looks with ALL those candles right next to my baby.

To my #ohniceandchubbybaby,

Some mom's may say this is a sad day, not for me, for some reason I find it ever so exciting to watch you grow and learn new things everyday!  I've been waiting and waiting for a little person to pull things off my shelves and make messes.  You are such an independent, little busy-body.  I love listening to you babble and say "Mama."  One of my favorite things about you is how excited you get when your dad gets home!  You seem to make all those around you happy.  It's so fun to laugh with you!  Forgive your mama when you see all the "un-cute" photos I take of you.  Your brown eyes will always melt hearts.

Love you Ai-ooo!


Photos by Grandpa Hesley. 

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