Oct 15, 2013

Halloween Party, so if you need some ideas on costumes...you are welcome.

Technically, I haven't really seen this show.  But the husband was borrowing the costume from our cousin and I thought...why not.  I'll admit, if you see me with just my costume...it's pretty lame, but then you add Hannah to the mix.  Oh, so much better.
 I originally was going to make the stand for Hannah, but let's just say, there's a reason she won Funniest Costume.  Her OCDness rocks projects such as these.  Complete with battery operated lights, the battery packs had their nice little exact cubbies at her fingertips.  Notice...The husband's crooked mustache...a result of having me place it. 

Awww, Family. 

Candy Corn Pong at it's finest. 

There are definitely some brave souls out there.  

Apparently, one of these guys moms' sewed all these plushy costumes.  I really want the dragon. 

People's faces are the best...when they suddenly realize what other people's costumes are. 

As we were driving around yesterday, I found it somewhat a relaxing thought that I didn't have to think about Halloween costumes anymore.  Ah yes, the feeling of being ahead in life. 

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