Oct 13, 2010

Wisconsin Dells

Yes, this is the white house completely upside down.  
Again, a weird feature of Wisconsin, but super fun. 
It's kind of a scare house, you walk through the whole building.  All the furniture is upside down and they have all sorts of quirky things popping out at you. Plus the host was foreign with super frizzy (or as I affectionately "Amazon Woman Hair" which i also covet terribly) and kind of crazy. 
Sadly, we were with some smaller children so I think she toned it down quite a bit.

Now this, this was one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things. 
Wisconsin Dells has like 1700 population, but has more hotels than Vegas (slight exaggeration).

But this place was so cool.  Your objective: Find the four wizards and free them, while solving riddles, going through hidden doors, slides, castles, mazes and bridges to find them.  Yes, it is that cool. It's like a McDonalds playplace but made for adults/kids and it is AWESOME.  There was a ball pit that you have to go through and climb up a slide to a hidden area, which I found the slide really hard to get up and almost lost my shoe, which made me slightly frantic.

so if you ever find yourself in Wisconsin Dells, go there!

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