Oct 11, 2010

Da Yooper Tourist Trap.

Derek says this really sums up the people of Ishpeming.

Yes, this is almost a nine foot snow blower.  Record year for snow, 26' feet, while Derek was living here.

You'll have to click on the photo. But i thought this rock was brilliant.

Derek felt he need to follow the instructions.

Lots of weird stuff.  Outside the store is this little walk area with lots of taxidermy creatures.

Awesome snow plow.

Yeah, I bet you want this gun Hunter.  Big Ernie - the largest firing rifle in the world!

Yes, super weird and creepy.  I would not like to walk through this place at night, or even dusk.

For some reason I vaguely recall a show as a kid with a giant chair and some weird puppet with red hair...anyone remember the name?

Derek was afraid to sit on this with me.

The sign indicates all the snow. I feel the need to apologize for ever complaining about our snow fall.

1 comment:

  1. The WEIRD randomness of items you managed to find on your trip are actually quite impressive! As for Big Ernie - Maybe Hunter would stop asking for ANOTHER gun if he had that one!