Oct 2, 2010

Somewhere else in Wisconsin

So many pictures, I was even sick the other day, and I didn't put any up!
What does one do when puking their guts out?  
Watch the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana.

 Anyways, back to the trip of our LIVES

He's not even a Green Bay Packer Fan. I think.

But this guy is. 
This is just across the street from the stadium.


We are laughing here, because this old lady asked if we were on our Honeymoon (?) and asked Derek if he was going to pinch my butt.

Apparently, this Fire was just as big as the Chicago fire, same night but the entire city burnt down.
There is a theory that 3 meteors hit the earth at Chicago, Peshtigo and somewhere else close, because all three cities had giant fires, same night and mass destruction.


  1. Very interesting place. You'll have to take us back with you next time!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You should have taken a picture of that old lady!