Oct 21, 2010

When feeling down, just think of Wisconsin, husband, and The KONA

I <3 all of this!

Somewhere in Wisconsin there is a toilet stall. 
 Said Toilet Stall has funny statistics all over the laminate walls instead of graffiti, plus I just wanted to sit on the toilet FOREVER so I could read them. 
 Good Bye Book Toilet Reading!

We went through some little town in Wisconsin which was very charming. 
I have a slight obsession with Bird Cages. The old ones, I don't want a bird, I just want the cage, so I can put The Kona in it.

Look at this stuff!

For some reason Metal + Flowers = Happy Harmony

I also have another obsession with Old Cars. 
I'd like a Mafia CAR, a Black One. 

Meet Forevertron
no, not the bird, it was a WHOLE metal sculpture theme junkyard. 

It was awesome.  See the Trumpets?

This was a giant creation of metal craziness.  
It was at least 20' High.

This reminds me of the Labyrinth 

I also <3 the Harley Davidson Kids section. 
I know I look good on one of these.

Derek does too. I told him we could buy some. 
Meaning, I get one, he gets one.... maybe.

And this is what it will look like. 

Sparkles and all. 

Hooray for kids section again!  
Can you see my rubbing? (is that what they are called?)

Yes, I <3 this funny boy as well.

Isn't this FABULOUS!  
Thought about purchasing until I saw 300 dollars later.
Maybe my Grandpa has one of these somewhere.

Nice, peaceful clouds, while feeling slightly nauseous the whole time. 

Special Spot Reserved for The Kona.
She is Cute.

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