Oct 24, 2010

Halloween Partaying

Halloween, oh Halloween. 
Went to friend Ryan and Heather's Halloween party. 
Ryan answers door.
Sees me on crutches. 
Asks if I'm trying to dress up like I was in High School, when I am clearly in a Disco outfit.
 (I had two knee surgeries in HS, so people just remember me on crutches. SIGH)
Because Ryan looked just like I remember him.
He was dressed up for the 90's.
Bowl haircut and sporting a little tail.
Friend Nick looks at me and says "Really? Again?"
Yes Nick. Again. It's like 7 years never happened.

Saturday it was raining hard.
I told Auntie Mitsie we'd come and pick all the fruit off the trees.
That was before I couldn't walk/drive/dress myself/be an independent woman.
Went to Gram's, still gun ho about getting that fruit down.
It's a good thing the old Radio Flyer still works. 
Done and DONE! 

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