Oct 4, 2010

Upper Michigan Beauty.

The leaves are starting to change! I researched when and where the leaves were changing.
They were beautiful.

So is Paul.

Derek used to volunteer at this little chamber of commerce cabin.  He said, after you've tracted the entire town three times, you find other ways to do service and meet people.

Derek doesn't have very many fond memories of this little town.
Other than he lived above the General store on Main street here.


We finally decided on eating at a Big Boy...

I was missing the Kona.

Church where Derek slept occasionally and showered in the Janitorial bucket sinks.

Ooh, when we woke up the next morning, which we stayed in a little motel ran by a super old lady  with a dog, and I was sure she was going to come through our window to murder us (I know, but really, Psycho anyone?) But it was a cute motel. But anyways, Derek was saying the night before how he loved it when it was foggy. 

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