Oct 25, 2010

Jack and Sally

For some reason I have a thing for Jack. 
Not Jack Sparrow (although he is a handsome rouge)
But Jack from Nightmare before Christmas.

If only I had known Derek didn't share my love for carving pumpkins. So I carved dos.
Who doesn't <3 sticking their hands in gooey, stinky, slimy pumpkins guts?
Luckily, my sisters do.
Hannah with her usually "oh so meticulous" self was feeling less inspirational, while sister Hali, felt very down?  


  1. They are awesome, yet I've never had a think for "that Jack"! I guess it just creeps me out. We need to play soon! I'd carve pumpkins with ya!

  2. Prior to reading the blog, I thought you were carving an asian pumpkin ( you know with the eyes and all). I know slightly racist but that's what I thought. :) Not to mention, i've always wondered what 'less than 3' (<3) means because I keep seeing it. Thank you for putting it in context so that I can be in the loop!

  3. Dude the LOVE for carving pumpkins must be a family thing. Lincoln does not enjoy it half as much as I do.

    And who carved which pumpkin?