Oct 8, 2010

Shipwreck Cove & Tequaumenone Falls, dang the French.

We drove up to Shipwreck cove where the famous Edmund Fitzgerald Sank.
Yeah, I didn't know either.
Totally excited to go on a tour, but not that excited to pay the fee. So we just looked.

Soy Bright!

This is the walk up to the Lower Falls.
I won't try to spell it again.

Mmmm, yummy looking, root beerish color. Just wait.

Have you noticed that whenever we take pictures together Derek's hand is pointed right at the camera?  You'd think my artist boy would be a little discrete.

I thought this green patch was magical.
I could only see Bambi there.

The leaves are getting even more colorful!


Done and Done.

94 steps later down.

Willy Wonka Root Beer Waterfall anyone?
Apparently, the falls have some major mineral deposits that discolor it, or appears too.

Perfect way to end our day.



  1. Man, how long have you been gone? I am so jealous. It looks beautiful!!

  2. I want to see a VIDEO of the 94 steps down!

  3. I actually thought of doing that, but derek didn't agree.