Nov 6, 2013

Make your own Halloween Art Cheaply II and Locally

When I'm feeling crafty, I usually have to get it done in that day, or I never get it done.  It's kind of sad how many project I start, but usually get bored and really want to start a new craft.  So, learning for my mass of not finished projects, I've learned that I must be able to get them done, start to finish in less than an hour or I have to see some extreme progress.  I've blogged about Edible Wasatch before here.  But I love the magazine.  I love reading about locals and then they always have some pretty unique prints as well.


This year I found their skeletons dancing quite hilarious.  Then dapper dead here was just calling to me.  I felt it needed to be included with my small Halloween decor.  I'm not usually into skeletons, but I really liked these guys below.

I ran to the thrift store, bought some super cheap frames and placed the bones inside.  I was quite please with myself.  Start, Finished and I even packed away my Halloween stuff already.  Feeling organized people.

Oh, and because it's tradition, I made our annual supply of roasted pumpkin seeds.  Which I've found quite addicting.

Do you like my nail art?  I've found that I really enjoy bigger, wood and nail kind of crafts...which seems fitting with my school background. I was going to make a spiderweb one...but that one sits yet unfinished in the basement.  

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