Nov 15, 2013

Fall Banner with a Thrifted Book.

Recently, and finally, I've been in a crafting mood.  You don't realize how much you didn't do until you spent three months not doing it.  Now, there will be an overload of goodness. 

When we first moved in I'd make a new banner for every season, then take it down hang it in my craft room and get going on the next one.  

But I went to the craft store to look at the clearance Halloween stuff and found a steal of a deal for some fall decor.  Came with 150 pieces of sticky foam shapes and was $2.50.  So far, I've made this banner and then hung some up for Aiko's room...which I'm not quite done with, it seems a little empty, so we will continue searching for more items to add. 

But, as always, I made this because it would go up fast and I'd be done in 10 minutes. 

I ripped out some pages of a thrifted book I had (which, felt rather rebellious, and sad, because, I love books)  then I chopped them up using some good scissors.  I also don't feel the need for rulers most of the time.  I kind of eye balled this based on the center of the book page and counting lines up. 

Got some jute string, folded the tops over and taped.  Added my foam things and some leaves from outside and then taped it all together.  

Thank goodness for tape. 

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