Nov 23, 2013

Hair is worth it.

One of my girlfriends has long, luscious, amazon like hair.  It's super thick and dark and she makes it look amazing.  Apparently, she uses these curlformers to get her beautiful curls.  She puts all these curlers in wet and then allows it to air dry for 4 hours.  Mine took about I blow dried it with my impatience.   I don't think it was still quite dry, because some were kind of limp.  But I didn't put any hair product in my hair.

Day 1.  
I think it worked quite well.

Day 2.  
I did have to touch them up a little.  Like 5 minutes worth.  It actually curled and stayed all day and all night. 

Day 3.
was more wavy.  (I didn't really get dressed and do anything that day, soooo.)  All in all, I believe it worked well.  I'm actually going to be purchasing some here and some hair product to help the curls a little.  I really like how its not damaging to the hair and make the big beach curls! 

Side note:  Hannah actually tried these with out her hair being wet and it worked pretty well after and hour. 

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