Nov 24, 2013


The husband has been dying to go shoot his guns he inherited.  So has all my siblings.  Hannah was kind of mad she couldn't come and Hali...well, she's still in Russia, but only for a few more weeks. 

I'll admit, I have very weak arms and terrible posture while shooting guns.  I don't know what you are suppose to look like, but I'm pretty sure this isn't it. 

The husband on the other hand looks quite rugged. 

Luckily, our new car is fit for an auntie and baby.  The kona was quite sad they took over her spot in the car. 

Uncle Scott and Jeanne came to make sure we weren't lost.  They found us.  These two pictures are awesome.  Auntie Jeanne got out her chair, only to have Uncle Scott sit in it, thinking his wife was just being generous.  She wasn't.

Uncle Jan showing us how it's done.  It was kind of freaky though, there was a guy just up the hill who was practicing all sorts of weird gun moves, while his lady friend was taping it. Luckily, Jan is a trained Army man.  We were safe. 

Oh, family of mine. Uncle Kenny also left us a ton of different shooting glasses. 

Aiko didn't seem to mind the guns, because these didn't stay on the whole time very well.

Uncle Kenny, thanks.  


  1. so hardcore--love it. just heard we won't get to see you guys when we are in town; totally depressing.

  2. I LOVE the huge bag of candy Mits brought!!! haha