Nov 12, 2013

Grandpas, in a plural sense.

I'm a little behind, but Aiko recently had both grandpa's come and visit.  This little lady rules the house and whomever happens to fall victim to her big brown eyes.  Here Papa Hesley is reading a book.

She also loves trains, just like her great-grandpa Hesley.  We went to Union Station in Ogden to actually look at the trains. I haven't done this probably since my grandpa Hesley came out from like 19 years.  Maybe it's just in her blood, since my grandpa Hesley lives and breaths trains.  He used to take me out to go train watching.  Apparently, I would just sleep in his big blue suburban while he stood out waiting to take a photo of the passing trains.  We recently uploaded 17,000 photos to his computer....just so he could look at all his train pictures.  He knows his stuff.

Here Papa Walker is rebellious.  He grew up in Milford, which is a tiny town, that used to be a main train hub back in the day.  His dad used to be a conductor/brakeman and had all sorts of stories I never heard before.

Side note, if you know someone who spent their lives on trains you should talk to them about it.  It's a completely different world.  Traveling by train has never even crossed my mind as a form of transportation,  and not too long ago it was the only way to travel.  Crazy. 

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