Nov 21, 2013


I'm afraid that this is quite possibly the best way I've ever received a photo cd.  Ever. 

Lovely packaging, lovely lady, lovely cd cover and some lovely home grown eggs!  I've never had a true organic home grown egg, so cool right?

You know how hard it is to get pictures of this kid?  She's always moving now, look at her little pose.

I originally thought to myself, "contain your motherly urges to post all of her photos."  Almost 25 pictures later we finally stopped.  I had some picked out and then I made the mistake of looking back and adding more and more.  Just so you know.  There were 75, I somewhat contained myself.

My friend Stephanie from Auburn Soul Photography took these gems.  (She's local friends.)  She's does natural lighting photography...and luckily, we bought a house with some great windows!

Sometimes, I get sad thinking about her toothless grin being filled with teeth.


  1. So adorable! She is such a beautiful baby!

  2. She is beautiful! Great pictures!