Nov 10, 2013

Date Night and changes

(His Wolverine Phase)

We went to Maxwell's in Salt Lake for a Wedding Work Dinner Party for Derek's Co-Worker.  So, the husband has been working at this office for a little over a year and he's slowly been changing.  Good changes, for instance...he dressed up at work all day for Halloween, he grew a beard and then shaved it in multiple stages, and then as we were driving home from dinner he says "I wish we could have sat more in the center of the tables by everyone else." 

(What?)  There were at least 20 people there and my husband prefers to hide in the darkest corners during social events.  My introverted husband was actually wishing to be in the middle of the crowd?  I'm still kind of flabbergasted (not that we didn't enjoy the company on the end we sat by.)
 I'm constantly begging him to grow a beard, or chops or something different.  Strange how working in a large office changes ones perspective.
 (His Molestache Phase *Not my favorite but not bad.)

(His Biker, Chops, Handlebar Phase) 
Oh!  At Maxwells, they apparently have this live jazz musician Conn Curran, who is slightly amazing.  Amazing enough I got brave and asked for his card... what I really wanted is for Derek and I to get remarried so I could have him sing at our wedding.  I feel he' like a Frank Sinatra/Michael Buble...but oh-so-much-better.  Le Sigh.

Go here to listen to some of Conn Curran songs. The Royals by Lorde.  Actually, his life version was so much better.

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