Jan 9, 2014


This is a giant photo blog of Aiko.  I'm just warning you.  When we got there we found out that they charge for over 1 year olds.  Which is fine, I went up to the desk and asked for two tickets, the lady at the front desk looked at me then at Aiko and said we don't charge for under one.  Well, I guess if Aiko's mama lookis young, she will too right?  People's eyes get so big when I tell her she is 14 months old.  It's probaboly another shock when they look at me with my ever so present belly and just wonder what the world is coming too.  I realize I looked young, but now, I look like a teen mom with a baby and one on the way.  I wonder when I will look like an adult?  Anyways.

We went to the Treehouse museum in Ogden with our cousins and she loved it.  She loves being around other kids and since this mama is not super social as of late, she's been dying for a change.  I was worried that this 14 month of baby was going to get bored, but I was oh-so-wrong.  There were stairs everywhere!  

I also let her climb where and whatever she wanted (within reason of course.) Mainly, because they don't allow strollers and because she's getting too heavy for me to carry her and my additional 15 lbs. 

She really wanted to play with this chess set, but see that kid?  He kindly asked if I could not let her mess up his game with his mom.  So what did we do?  We found the dollhouse section (ick)

Which, she ADORED.  Sigh.  I'm just and have never been a doll of any kind of person.  So it kind of makes me sad (ill) that she likes them.

Actually, the dollhouse that was in there was quite cute.  Mainly, because it had adorable miniature furniture that I would purchase for my own house if possible.  She actually enjoyed the cupboards more than anything, but I just had a hard time thinking with 5 displays of dolls staring at me. 

Eventually, #ohniceandchubbybaby ripped off her shoes and socks and explored everywhere.  Don't worry we used essential oils to protect her from all the kid glop (germs.)

This little girl.  I tell you what.  She's pretty hilarious and keeps us on our toes all the time. She loves to climb everything.  She doesn't really get into things, but climbing, she loves to do. 

She loves music.  I've been debating about what kid instruments to get her...but this...I still want this

I've never seen this kid so happy about being at a desk in my life.  She must have felt the great power there because she was smiling and laughing and just loving it. 

Sadly, naptime came and she was sad she wasn't sleeping.  We're definitely going to get a season pass though, I thought it was way cool.  Plus, the husband would love playing there with that baby.  Thanks for inviting us cousins!

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