Jan 24, 2014

#ThriftedThursdays and yet another lament

See this mirror?  I have it angled so it makes one smaller than ones appears.  Unlike my bathroom one that makes me larger than life.  Oh, the mirror is also a thrifted item.  Oh, and if you want to come and organize my jewelry for me, please do.  Let us continue my pathetic saga of the boobs. 

"You look so little! I'm ginormous in comparison." Says the other pregnant girl.  She's due a few weeks before me and there is only one reason I look little.  (Mainly from the front only do I look little.)


See friend, it's taken me 29 weeks to get my stomach bigger than my boobs.  I was still nursing when I got pregnant with this guy, so, my girls never had a chance.  So while your belly may be swollen, at least people don't say "harm, your boobs are ginormous!" When they first see you.  It's just a fact of my five foot one life.   We all have our battles, mine just have double dd attached to them. 

Lets not play games, I look very large from the side.  When I see myself in the mirror I think of the line "so I'm roughy the size of a barge!" Name that movie.  Hint, it's Disney.  I know, I know, we all want the opposite, but let me tell you, all you smaller chested girls out there... D is enough, even a C.  Don't mess with anything bigger, especially, if you plan on having babies.  

It. Is. Not. What. You. Want. 

Ever had problems puttin your bras in a drawer?  No, huh, well mine have never been housed in something so lovely. They hang precariously from a belt hanger in my closet, taking up 1/5 of the closet.  I can't smash them into a drawer because they cost too much and because there is so much boning in them you can't!  These bras are meant to keep things in place.  But enough.  

Funny how the second pregnancy is so different from the first.  With Aiko, I didn't get this big until the end.  I've had a hard time putting on shoes for the last month, that didn't happen until the last two weeks. Nonetheless, I am very happy to be a pregnant lady once again.  I have to remind myself that i was miserable for five years because I couldn't get a pregnant belly (the big boobs I already had and added to the misery.)

So, while once again, I lament about my girls, I'm glad the belly just passed them up.  


  1. You have no idea how much I relate to this post! I am 5'6" however and have always had sizeable boobs in proportion to the rest of me...I HATE it!!! I could not agree more with everything you said...especially when girls say that I am so lucky since I have some chest. I want to shake them and tell them it is SO NOT awesome! Anyway I am starting to rant so I will stop.
    Cute cute belly though!!!

  2. Beauty and the Beast! I learned many valuable things living with you... some from your lovely music collection :)