Jan 11, 2014

Quiet book (Updated)

I felt this was the year of the Quiet Books.  Thanks Jess for posting yours and making me realize that it just needed to be done.   Aiko's not so fond of church, so I thought I might as well join the crowds.  I really, really liked making them.  Since, I was making one I thought it was better to make two.  Aiko's cousin needed one too and conveniently, we had their family for Christmas.  (Not the cousin you see above)

 Quiet Book

I plan on adding more pages so I didn't do anything permanent for the binding. I really do love hand stitching things.  I made up Aiko's cover...sometimes I wish I had this super cute handwriting that I could call on at any moment.

  Most of my ideas came from my Pinterest board.  

I realized that most of my pages weren't really interactive, I more just like making scenes out of the material.  Luckily, we were at Ikea and bought their super cheap finger puppets that more or less worked. Most of the patterns you see came from this Etsy shop.  She has the most lovely ideas!

I thought about making the finger puppets...but that was getting extreme. 

For some reason, these shapes are my least favorite.

One page didn't come any pinterest/etsy board though...I was quite pleased with my brain for the baseball field.  Aiko's cousin is a Big Yankees fan, so of course we had to make something baseball like.   The numbers are velcro and then they can be stashed behind the green.

Here's Aiko playing with Nixon's quiet book.  She seemed to really like it then, but doesn't seem to care much about it when at church.  Hopefully sometime she'll want to play with it again. 

In actuality, this wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be.  
Felt $14.00 (It was luckily on sale.) Enough for two books, 10 pages each. 
Ikea Puppets - One pack was 5 and the other was on clearance for 3 (because they were super weird.) Luckily, Nixon already had all the finger puppets. 
Eyelets - $7.99 Each.  I think we ended up using two packs for two books. 
Embroidery floss (Free, from my gram's) She wasn't always the most organized...see photo here
The Book Binding is just some Quilt Binding I had left over.
The Velcro is expensive I can't even remember, but I used a coupon and I'm still upset that it's expensive. 
Glue Sticks I already had. 

So really, for two books, I didn't do that bad! 


  1. Where did you find the template for the fish bowl?

  2. Annette- I found it on an Etsy Shop. I put it on my Pinterest Board as well.