Jan 8, 2014

Food Cravings

You've been eating what?  Ya know, being pregnant and trying to be a clean eater is quite difficult.  Luckily, the 1st trimester I threw up all meat, so I didn't really have that craving.  But I have been craving my usuals...with a few new ones.  
Pickles, Pinto Beans.
Both pregnancies have left me ravenous for PB&J.  Not any PB&J.  It has to be on white bread with apricot jam and skippy smooth peanut butter.  
Sauerkraut (specifically on Reuben Sandwiches and after the first trimester) After eating a bunch of Reuben's I realized I had a jar of Sauerkraut never opened from before being pregnant with Aiko.  Luckily, it's Bubbi's brand and they use all natural artisan well water. It basically melts in my mouth it's so good.  I'm not kidding either, it's quite mild and Aiko and I enjoy eating a bowl together.  The husband has yet to try it.

I honestly can't remember any more what else I craved, oh Curry, which is a new favorite in the last couple years.  We even got some Japanese Curry (weird I know, but Curry is the number one food over there we discovered on our trip a couples years ago.)  I love it. 

Luckily, the husband and Aiko like most foods I do and eat whatever.  I think they secretly enjoy it more because then we eat out because I've been too lazy to cook.  Plus, then I'm not making "weird" new foods that don't always work out.  But we've also been having a ton of family dinners due to the holidays...so it works out. Except for now..I'm a wee bit larger than last time...I mean a WEE bit larger. 

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