Jan 9, 2014

#thriftedthursdays, DIY Soap Stand

DIY Soap Stand

I needed a soap stand by my kitchen sink.  See, we used butcher block as our counter tops....and turns out moist things don't work well with wood counter tops.  So I find myself a lovely glass jar and a good long tray.  I needed a longer tray because the space between the wall and my sink is quite narrow.  But being long and narrow I needed a good solid base so it wouldn't tip over all the time.  I believe they worked out lovely.  I cleaned them up and soaked off the stickers.  I took my trusty Gorilla Glue and Voila!  *Note make sure that your glass jar is completely dry inside before applying to the tray. 


Good thing Pinterest is around so I can copy all the brilliant minds in the world.  It's also a good thing the husband enjoys going to the thrift shops with me.  Sometimes, when we are bored and just want to get out without spending oodles of money, we go thrifting.  In my current pregnant state, I find this as a way to get some exercise and just move my body. Plus, I've been aching for some creativity.  For Christmas I worked on presents for people and then just like that, they were all done and I found myself craft-less for a while.  It's been quite depressing.  I believe it's much easier to create gifts for others and have a reason for making the item instead of just making it.  So, as a result, I've been stuck.  Also, this blog from Vintage Revivals seemed to speak to my mind. 

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