Jan 16, 2014


Good Bye Boobie Lights!!   

I found this beauty over a year ago and had it sitting my shelf.  I suddenly realized that it should just go up in the hallway.  I tried to do it myself, but unless I pulled out the super heavy ladder I wasn't going to make it up there. 

Found three of these at the thrift shop for $3.99 a piece.  I liked how they weren't your tradition light covers.  I also have a thing for glass and textured glass.  Plus, I really do hate the frosted glass boobie lights.


Sometime, I'm going to try and actually take a picture during the day.  So much more fun!  

When we moved in, most of the lights didn't actually have light fixtures, so we've slowly been adding and moving them around when we find the right ones at the thrift shop.

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