Jan 8, 2014

Christmas blogs

We went to Station Park in Farmington and found that Santa had no line...and since we have yet to take her, it was done.  The Santa was pretty legit too. He also knew how to handle kids (really.)  He told the husband to face #ohniceandchubbybaby towards himself and then back her up and place her into Santa's lap.  It worked fine, until a few minutes later and she gazed upon him.  Then we got this action shot.  I think the photographer was a little irritated because he thought there were other shots that were better.  We disagreed.

This kid might enjoy lights as much as I do.  She has this adorable little "oooooooo" sound you ever did here.  Every time she saw the tree lit up she "oooooo-ed" at it some more.  Probably just to please her mama. 

The Husband and I have been discussing what traditions to keep and what new ones to start.  His family always opened new PJs on Christmas Eve, while mine did the sibling gift exchange, so we are keeping those.  But on Christmas Day, I really only want to give our kids 3 gifts.  1 from Santa, one from us and some other reason I haven't quite put together yet.  Of course, Aiko doesn't even notice yet how many she has, but we got her Vintage Little People set, the farming one...and she LOVES them.  She talks to the Little People in this high squeaky voice. (Which apparently, she knows that we baby talk to her and then have normal voices as well.)  Derek's family has Baby New Year that comes to leave candy in your shoes.  We're going to switch it up and have Baby New Year bring a new book every year instead.

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