May 10, 2013

cinco de mayo, asian style

sometimes, i get these crazy ideas, turns into lots of work. sometimes some spousal spats happen, but that's okay.  because see these colors?  these are HAPPY colors. 

cinco de mayo!  i feel as though we can celebrate this.  it's happened often enough that people think my siblings and i are why not celebrate our adopted heritage?  see previous post here, and here

i think my husband is sulking.  see, i wanted to use all of my ceramic dishes, he wanted to use paper plates.  i wanted things to be festive.  because my plates are also HAPPY colors.

see who won.  

he eventually got over it when all this delicious food came out. 

it's like they were posing or something for me. 

i places out all these rugs to be even more festive, but then all these "white" people thought it would be too much sun. point for the husband. (i assure you, i use the word "white" people with the most love.  it's a continuous battle in our house, whites vs asians) i just noticed though...poor uncle scott, that the uncles heads are in the sun.

our deck needs to be refinished...but that sounds like way too much work for now.  for now, i will endure getting slivers.   no, we aren't nazi supports.  this rug happens to be one of derek's great grandpa's who worked with the native americans.  apparently the swastika symbol was used in their rug designs way before hitler. 

like my "china"

i used an entire pack of paper to make these bad boys.

as my trash can shows, there was much cutting. oh and mucho staples.  i learned this nifty trick from my teach-in-laws.  staple papers together so you can cut multiple layers at once!  then they don't get all skiwampis.
muy bueno.

now that my large pile is complete...i will have decorations for years to come!

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