May 14, 2013

the cuteness

most of the time, i put the baby in clothes that i like.  weird, crazy and sometimes downright adorableness ensues. like this cupcake hat.  it looked WAY cuter on the sales rack.  but once you put it on her, i just can't resist. 

most of the time, when people see aiko, they automatically say "whoa, she looks like her dad."  or "she looks a lot like hannah."  or "she looks like a walker." no one really says "she looks like her mom."  well it's true, if it weren't for the fact that she came from my uterus, i wouldn't believe it either. 

most of the time they just say "i love those cheeks!"

maybe that's why i love this hat, because it fits all her rolls

this is super late, but happy six months baby girl!

she was thrilled about her new toy from bijou market, as we can all see. 

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