May 4, 2013

gathering of nations!

so we found out that there was going to be a pow-wow... apparently, all the different tribes throughout the nation come together once a year, and i planned it so well that we could go!  (well, more by chance really) 

so everyone was in the costumes.  no two were even CLOSE to being the same.

look at all this beadwork!  they were all handsewn too. i checked them out up close...probably being somewhat creepy.  i still can't get over how detailed they were.  all that handstitching!

there were so many beads that it makes it look pixalated. 

yes, that's a ton of feathers.  there were thousands of people dressed up

the men had way bigger pieces on. 

giant tail feathers!

so this is the university of new mexico's stadium.

packed!  they had everyone in costume come down to the center to dance and chant.  the drums were so loud! 

sometimes iphone...i wish you wouldn't blur.

i felt kind of "moved."  the culture was so strong and proud. i still get goosebumps thinking about it. 

these guys were telling each other where they were from.  oklahoma, new mexico, all over!

baby girl is enjoying some of mama's potato.

annie can always bring out the best in her.

these looked exceptionally good, but i decided the potato would probably keep my heart clear.

yes, i took this of a girl in the bathroom.  all of the colors were beads!  crazy right?  it really was a once in a life time thing.  we even bought the baby some moccasins.  annie even bartered with the guy.  17 bucks instead of 20. good fun. 

good fun.  

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