May 12, 2013

mama thoughts.

remember making books for your mom's in 1st grade?  well, apparently, i dedicated my mother's day book to tyler's mom. 

 i. am. awesome.

i often find myself comparing other mama's to myself, which, isn't entirely healthy.  most of my friends have at least 2 kids, often many more.  i'm way behind the game. while my girlfriends are talking about schools, i'm debating on if my baby's poop looks healthy.  i'm researching when teeth start to come in, while their kids are already loosing teeth.  they seem way past it all.

but then, i realize, i'm surrounded by so much experience.  they've been mama's for years, so they've already ridden some hard storms. 

they know what gets out the touch stains, what babies should be eating (although i will never understand giving babies corn syrup), pooping, when and what they should be sitting.  what this weird rash could be...

so, as out of place as i feel sometimes, it's not a big deal.  because we are all still mama's!  so thanks friends, for experiencing things way before me so you can give me advice.

big shout out to my mama!  although we don't always see eye to eye on everything, she's always there for me.  hopefully, i can always be as solid as her when the hard times hit.

 hey, and she still loves me, even after i dedicate her mother's day gift to someone else. 

love ya mama.

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  1. It doesn't seem to matter how many kids I have, I still feel the same way. There are always women who have more experience and more wisdom to draw from! Like you, I love it that I'm not alone this craziness, and that I can learn from them.