May 9, 2013

jensen books in logan

so i got all these books for $12

you can fill an entire bag up!

the kids and i were playing in front of the store.  i was teaching them "pole tag."  where the poles are safe and you have to run from one to another with out getting tagged!  it wasn't really fair...since i was carrying aiko. 


this is only half the bookstore. it's a little dumpy...but all the necessaries of life are there! see the huge boxes in the corner...there were at least 30!  it's too bad i didn't have more time...i could be in there for hours. 

"ai-o is sucking on my finger!"  julia believes she taught aiko to suck her thumb.

funny kids.  there were debating which flavor to get.  eating some necessary nutrition is necessary after playing pole tag.  good times little logan.  good times. 

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