May 14, 2012

Instagram-ing fool

I know, I know, Instagram has been out for ages... but nonetheless, I'm just glad to have it.
The Husband and I went down to Manti, Utah.  
Why?  Because we had Groupon that was about to expire for the picture below.  What do you ask is in Manti?  Really, not much.

Except for this...
 A lover-ly little Bed and Breakfast. 
This is actually where Derek and I had out-after-wedding-brunch.  
(the official name of this event has eluded me.)

 Manti also has this. 
It's beautiful no?  Meet the Manti Temple. 

On the way back home, The Husband asked if I wanted to go to the Tulip Festival in Lehi. 
I liked the fact that he wanted to take me there.  (We had recently watched the Break-Up.) Normally, this is not something he would suggest, especially, because it was hot outside.  But it was lovely! 

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