May 22, 2012

Amish, Ohio, with the instagram-ing iPhone

when you are the best of friends, 
 having so much fun together. . . .
annie and I had some much fun!
just a couple photos. more to come

butter, amish, cheese.  
it was delicious.

cobblestone streets.
so pretty.

sweet little piglet.

 most delicious apple fritters in the world. 
(i actually don't care for them, but honestly, these just melted in your mouth.)

the little town of berlin, amish style.  
for some reason, the amish are quite fascinating to me. 
i love the hand signals.

annie on some amish style furniture. big chair...

and big horse.
meet big ben.


i sent this picture to my family. 
their responses:
"child like sister."
"not fat, pregnant." (thanks)
"wait, are you kneeling?" (no)
"you could walk under that thing."


  1. Awesome, I love it! The Amish would've been a great time, and wow, Harm, that horse is huge!

  2. Your belly is so cute!!