May 11, 2012

The Act of Waiting.

(I can't remember where I saw...this print...sorry person, but kudos to you.)

You'd think while we waited oh...5 years for a baby that this last 5 months would be easy.  I'm terribly bored of it already.  When does this little lady get here!?  Sigh.  Setting up Registries, thinking about EVERYTHING we need is kind of overwhelming.  But I can't really buy anything until this house we've been waiting for since last October closes. 

Short sales = Not Short

Sometimes, I wish we weren't so cheap.

There are many, many, exciting life changes coming...I can't wait to post about them!  We'll have to make sure it all works out first.
Also. I really want this. 
Maybe for the baby...or mainly for me.  

CUSTOM ORDER for torzlaver: Wooden Toy Noah's Ark Waldorf Miniature with Four Pairs of Animals


  1. Just keep telling yourself "change is good", and go with it. :-)
    We can't wait for you to come visit!

  2., have so much fun! Asia is awesome, enjoy! The flight is ridiculously long!!! Take as many activities as you can pack to keep you entertained, watch in flight movies, or if you can...sleep! P.s. the Noah's ark is cool!