Feb 11, 2014

One of these are not the same.

"I spent a couple hours with garlic in my ears," I say to the husband.  He actually sounded surprised.  I zoned (short for footzoned.) my friends little boy the other day and couldn't tell if this is what an ear infection felt like.  I've had a cold for the last couple days and my ear had been feeling kind of funny.  Having recalled from our friend Cam, that his mom used to do this to him when he was little with ear infections, I thought why not? 

Just the day before I took some mashed up garlic, spread it in a cake pan and then sat there with my feet in it for about an hour.  One of my fellow footzoner's put this online.  Garlic is suppose to draw out the bacteria/virus.  This is all after using essential oils and zoning myself. 

Today and yesterday, I was exceptionally grumpy and decided it was because I was just a little backed up.  (Pregnancy does this to ya.)  So I made myself a garlic enema.  

I also made some spaghetti sauce last night...which apparently two garlic gloves was too much.  Because even though I can't breather through my nose, I could totally smell the garlic reeking out of Aiko's mouth and so could my sister. (As she constantly kept commenting on.)

This is more a "typical" week for me.  While I don't always use so much garlic, or maybe I do, my mom always asks me "where did I come from?"  See, I am not like the others in really any of my extended family.  They all think I'm kind of weird, especially when I tell them that "there's an oil you could use for that" or "green smoothies would help," or "you might want to stop eating dairy."  But then, just once a in awhile, my mom will say...maybe you are like your grandma.  Apparently, my grandma was a little more prone towards natural remedies.  Now that I think about it, I remember her drinking vinegar, honey and cinnamon once in a while.  Or making her own sun teas...or picking dandelion leaves from the lawn and eating them.  My auntie actually told me that years ago, when she was trying to have babies, her mom called her and said, "There is this stop on the back of your foot that is suppose to help you get pregnant."   Come to find out, my grandma and great aunt were actually reading some reflexology (while not footzoning...it's kind of similar) books.  So here I am, not that crazy after all.  My mom even found some of my gram's notes.  Grams used to keep notebook after notebook filled with her miscellaneous notes. 

Pinterest has nothing compared to these little nuggets of knowledge:


I tell you...I'm not sure where she was going with this one.

1/2 t garlic?
1 t pine
1/2 anise
mixed in 1 c water and soap for 10 minutes.  strain - may add 1 tsp of honey.

Ummm...soap?  I think I read that right.  I agree with everything except for the soap part. 

place plus toys in a plastic bag-put in freezer  24 hours once/week

Don't germs just freeze?

cloves of garlic rub on feet before go to bed - prevent nightmares.

Oh, grams....if only you knew how much we have in common. 

bedwetter -
suck on cinnamon stick after they come home or accupressure - hand pinkie.  Use your thumb nail in each line, press for 10 seconds. 

Not sure which of her kids had this problem...I should probably investigate.

hot thread & suck on it and put on babies forehead.

  Well, there you have it, proof that my weirdness came through my mom, well, some of it did anyway. 

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