Feb 2, 2014

I mean really, who wakes up THIS happy? Perhaps it's the Polka Dots.


#ohniceandchubbybaby is pretty hilarious.  She always wakes up super happy.  Happy enough that it is contagious!  For a semi-unaffectionate child, SHE LOVES to HUG this monkey and give him kisses.  So while she won't really hug, snuggle or kiss us, at least we know she knows how to give affection. 

Then, when she is done showing off, she will just drop him and say "up." Her hair was just crazy this day too. 

What do you think of her polka dots?  The husband doesn't love it...while it make me happy.  I've been seeing them on Pinterest everywhere and thought it would be okay for a boy and girls room.  (This second baby is going in there too.)  

I usually have this thing against circles (I don't know why, but I do.) But my Auntie LaNaya told me one day how Aiko looks so cute in Polka Dots...I thought, why not?  

I thought about painting the polka dots, but I find it upsetting when you have to paint over them one day and then you can totally see the polka dots layer.  It's just annoying.  So I found some super cheap die-cuts on Etsy here.  I had considered going and doing my own die-cuts, but the paper is expensive and then buying the circle cut was just silly.  Even with the 40% off coupons.  Plus, I'm pregnant, going to the store seems to be my least favorite thing to do. 
So, temporary is always best right?  I took some crappy tape (which really, wasn't a good idea but I was ready to put these dots up dang-it.) and arranged them with Auntie Mitsie.  I know, I know, that camera ruins the picture.

So, a few weeks later and the dots are lifting, I should really invest in better tape, but nonetheless, I really like it.  I kind of wanted them to be uniform, but that would have taken too much brain power.  I've been waiting for my sister Hannah to come and help me arrange them.  (She's slightly OCD and likes to do stuff like this.  We call this a "Hannah thing.")  But for now, in their haphazard way, it's just the way I roll. 

Oh yeah.  Want to meet "Snag?"  The husband asked me one day if he could start calling her "Snag"  See, that top tooth is quite large. (I couldn't get a picture well enough of it.) Luckily, the other tooth is hopefully going to pop through any day.  (I've been saying that for months too.)

So even though this is totally a bunch of baby photos...I hope it makes you a little happier when you wake up.

Because really.  #ohthatbaby


  1. I for one am a LOT happier (this wedding planning bites!). Snag is SO cute. And I love the polka dots...even in their haphazard state!

  2. She just gets cuter and cuter...if that's even possible! I have a snag first grader. He has a huge front tooth in and still a baby tooth next to it. Love it!