Feb 18, 2014

Ewok Style Almost

Crocheted this adorable thing the other day.  Cowl?  What do people call them? 

Well anyways, it started out because I've been seeing this way too many time on Pinterest.

Then I saw this the other day.  I decided we just needed to do it.  

I loved the Ewok movie.  Not the one in Star Wars, but the other one.  I started looking at this free pattern and realized that it was an adult size and I'd have to figure out how to make it fit Aiko.  Looking at the pattern I realized how easy they were to make and that I wouldn't make it an Ewok style after all.  (Mainly, because the husband thought it was kind of weird.)  So instead, I thought we'd make up our own cowl pattern.  No, I didn't right the pattern down as I went...but I'm sure there is a free one somewhere!  The only thing I did use from the free pattern was the ears. 

Since, I mainly crochet with that baby is sleeping, I kind of guess on all the sizes.  She has a much bigger head than I thought.  Plus, I didn't really think about the button holes until it was too late.  Because, really, I'm not going to undo all that...so while it still needs some tweaking, I thought it looked pretty cute on #ohniceandchubbybaby.

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