Feb 3, 2014

Barn Door with a little sun.

Today, we will be concentrating on our funny little hallway space to the left.  This is a picture right after we bought it to start redoing the floors.  

We actually finished it like 6 months ago, well mostly, I just barely painted the trim on it.  I really like all the barn doors that have been trending and wanted to try it in our house. 

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Problem was, most of the pictures showing barn doors in a home were on a super long wall.  We didn't have that option.  So we used what we had...mostly.  

When we moved into this house, there were almost no doors.  No doors on the cabinets, no doors on the closet, bashed up doors (if there were doors) on the bedrooms...ya know, classy stuff like that.  Since this house was built in the 50s, we have all built in closets with built in drawers.  (These are before pictures as well.)  They also have those awesome hidden tracks, which apparently once hung in this house. 

Since we couldn't afford nor actually place a bar like you see below.  The husband had the idea to take the tracks out of the closets and put them up over the hallway closet.  Because of course, I just didn't want to get conventional doors, that would be too easy and normal for me. 

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When the husband and I start a project we usually argue, debate, yell (sometimes in heated anger) and then usually one of us gives in. It's kind of a long process. He's a graphic designer and I have a crazy style. I mean...we have pretty extensive conversations/arguments over font styles. 

Yes, it's exhausting for both of us. 

We finally settled on using just plywood doors (which you can get them to cut to size at Lowe's, we were just being lazy and didn't yet purchase a good circular saw, apparently, we'd borrowed them through all our remodels.) They fit the budget and size worked out well. Once we decided that, I figured that I should paint something on them. I mean, why not right? My friend just said the other day, "You never know how long you are going to be somewhere, might as make it your home." Which, when we moved in with my mom 6 years ago, we thought it would be a couple months...if only we knew it would be 5 years. 

My next step was decided on which pattern, which again, after much debate, we finally decided on mustard yellow in the blue pattern below. I really liked all of them, but realized I needed it to go quick and easy. I don't have much patience for the little details when it comes to painting. 

 (Click the photo for the link.)

 The husband was out one day and got the MUSTARD paint.  Let me emphasize MUSTARD. Remember how I said he was a graphic designer? I know he has the color code memorized for websites, but what he brought home was a School Bus (butt) yellow color.  

I almost died.  

For some reason, I went ahead with the painting.  The pattern was super easy and I did actually use a yard stick.  I didn't really measure, I just eyeballed it.  (My usual method that doesn't always work out...but this time it did).  The husband covered up the tracks with some trim and a small little track at the base to keep it in line.  We hung up the painted doors and didn't love the color.  (Duh, School Bus (butt) yellow remember?)  Then the husband said that we should stain it.  (We had some left from the floors.)

I loved it and still do. 

The stain really mellows out the yellow.  The doors can slide to either side and act like a big piece of art.  (Well, I think so anyway.)  

We were just talking today how we could probably actually afford some nicer wood than plywood, but I like the texture and really, why fix it if it's not broke?  Plus, it's highly unlikely that we would really do it again. 

Once again, my husband is awesome.  You'd think with my construction background that I would do this myself...don't be silly.  While, I could, it's much easier to say, "this is what I'd like and please will you do it."  I mean, that's what one really does with a Construction Management (emphasis added) degree right? 

Plus, the husband it way better at it than I am.   

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  1. It turned out great. I really like how the stain makes it stand out so much more too.