Feb 5, 2014

Oh my.

Sometimes, I forget HOW #ohniceandchubbybaby came upon her name. Then I find this...

 So much roundness.  She must have been around 3 or 4 months.

At 15 months she's a whopping 19 pounds and stands about 23 inches.  Poor kid, she just doesn't have a chance.  I was getting semi worried then realized that all the women in the husband's family and mine are barely over 5 feet tall.  So really, she's just going to be a petite little person.  She has her mom's super short legs. 

This kid will eat anything.  I mean anything.  She likes spicy, sour, all textures, I really can't think of things that she won't eat.  She drinks green smoothies like it's her last meal and usually ends up eating half of my plate.  Everyone always comments how she's usually eating every time they see her.  That's just what she does.

She's almost walking.  We've now hit the point where she could walk, but mainly refuses too.  We're still working on it, but she's been pulling and hoisting herself on things since she was 7 months I'm not too worried. Plus, she's so little, it would be WEIRD looking.  

Aiko loves her dad.  To say that there is a preference is an understatement.  She flat out loves him and prefers him to this mama at all times.  The husband has this calming effect and he will usually give her whatever she wants.  Wherever he is, she prefers to be in his space watching/helping him on his project he's working on.  

Her favorite toy is this stuffed Monkey Auntie Mitsie gave her.  She makes monkey noises, gives him hugs and just loves him.  Mix monkey with her blanket and she's in heaven.  

She understands more than I think she does.  I basically talk to her like a grown human and she seems to understand all that I say.  She can say like 10 words and many animal sounds.  She LOVES to dance, sing and play. 

She really is a sweet baby.  My mom pointed out that perhaps I should really try to enjoy (not that I'm not) these last couple months with just her.  It won't ever be just her again.  Which, kind of blows my mind. 

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