Mar 18, 2013

get ready for mass amounts of photos.

i love these old photo booths, so i pay whatever obscene amount of money for them.  (plus, the husband doesn't believe in printing photos ... dang technology.)

so, this dog is apparently this cheetah's friend. best friend. 

this little kid was SUPER excited to see this hippo, as was i.  i happened to be on the hippo first and the kid tried to photobomb my kodak moment. luckily, his parents were like "get out of her photo!!"

here i am alone, with the hippo. but by this time, i just felt awkward that my 27 year old self (although i may look 15) just got a kid in trouble for wanting to play on the hippo.

my husband has a thing for reptiles. not my favorite by any means.

oh and what's this? well, you see, my husband doesn't pay attention to others really.  hannah took this picture and she has an extremely large lens, so he really is much further that it seems.  sometimes, i like to just stop and wait, until the husband remembers his little family.  which, he's usually super far away at this point. 

these guys were the highlight of the whole zoo to me!  some of them were brought into the zoo in 1928 and are still alive!  my grandparents probably saw them back them too.  i found this fascinating for some reason.

i've been prepping the little raptor for this trip.  everyday, we try to go on a "stroll."  we have to say "stroll" because otherwise the kona gets too excited about it.  so she just sat in her stroller like a champ.  she slept a lot of the time in it too. guys, i'm starting to feel like a real live parent.

this guy seems so uncomfortable.  he was just balancing on his nose and his horn.  

i'll admit, sometimes the zoo makes me super sad.  i mean, yes, i know it's to help preserve the species, etc.  but STILL.  sigh. 

we appropiately brought the baby's bear suit and bear hat.  i wanted her to feel like she belonged. 

this rare beast can be seen in utah.  looking so sad. wondering where her family went.

they have pandas! he was kind of boring.  he was munching on bamboo

these are a beloved tradition of hali. 

so of course. we bought one for her penny collection.

this was only half a day of fun....more to come.

thanks to the han for taking most of the pictures. 

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