Mar 2, 2013

for my birthday precious

notice the time in the middle.

3 freaking AM ?!  are you kidding me?  what is he doing at that time?  playing a computer GAME! 

notice how his response was something to make it seem okay.  i told him he was on duty IF that baby woke up (which she doesn't, but she's going through a growth spurt so who knows what her little body wants) so apparently, since she never woke up, he didn't have to go to bed.

 so help me, i love my nerd, but really. to top off his nerdliness he responds 

"It's my birthday precious"

yes, we are that nerdy together. 

so here we are later this morning, now around 10 AM.  he's out cold, the baby is squirming.

and he'll be out for a while. because after all, it is his birthday precious. 

happy birthday lovey. 

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