Mar 22, 2013

buy that trike!

she's so bent over that i wonder how she can walk.

 i'm sure you know who i'm talking about.  she walks down highway 193 everyday. i wonder where she works?  i've seen many people stop and try to give her a ride.  today, she was just a few steps away, i wanted to ask her if she needed a ride.

i didn't.

coralee has watched this woman walk by her business for years.  rain or shine she walks. coralee has asked her multiple times if she wanted a ride.  she always says no. coralee says it's amazing how many people stop and ask if she needs a ride. coralee said that she used to ride a three wheeled bike.

until someone stole it.

i think we should try to get her a new bike. 

if you would like to donate please click below.

1 comment:

  1. I knew exactly who she was when I saw the picture. So sad :( My grandma had a really nice trike before she passes away a couple years ago. I will ask my grandpa if we still have it and let you know!