Mar 4, 2013

birthday bowling

here, the kona is distraught she wasn't able to participate in the following activity. 

baby's first time bowling!  she was pretty good, even with all the crazy music and lights 

she did manage to take a short 5 minute nap, until someone dropped a bowling ball on the ground. 

on of the birthday boys.  he's pretty happy, he had like 6 strikes in a game...even if he does "bowl" illegally.  he uses some crazy curve's hard to explain 

here's another for you grandpa!

so cousin kim found this ksl deal where you paid $25.95 for 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental for 6 people, 16" pizza and a pitcher of pop.  it was a steal of a deal.  we had 19 people, plenty of pizza (even if it wasn't the best) and tons of fun!  so glad she found that deal!

one of the other birthday boys.


the kids are dancing here when someone knocked down pins.

baby loved being passed around!  she had her eyes wide open staring at everything. 

the kids loved the bowling!  some of them even broke a hundred somehow.

you can barely see it...but the husband's score is 186. boy, was he proud of himself that night. 

the other birthday boy is in the white, cousin steve
here, all the boys are "speed bowling" or something. they tried to see who could bowl the fastest speed, who could curve the ball the most, ya know, because you can't just bowl regular.  it was super fun getting together with the rest of the fam!

favorite quote that night from the husband. "honey, can you record me bowling, i want to see what i look like."  meaning, he needed to analyze his technique.  love my nerd!

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