Oct 4, 2012

with my spare time

i realized the other day, that i had not made my child any bows, accessories...nothing.  
me, the person who prefers to make than to buy.
so, in the last couple days i made her this.  which was inspired by this blog below.

see this adorable lion hat?
i have watched her blog for the last couple years and love this hat.

so i made one...granted, i do not yet have a cute little baby to model with. 
so larry will have to do.

yes, the husband is terrified, he worries about our child and what kind of fashionista she will become.

as long as she is wearing a lion hat, she'll turn out just fine.

i found a crochet hat pattern here
but the lion mane, face and stitching came from copying the above photos...and the han's brain.  

you know you want to run your fingers through his mane.

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