Oct 1, 2012

the house and floors

here, we happened to take some photos of the wood floors.  the husband worked soooo very hard on them.  sanding and sanding, and then more sanding.  i think home depot must love us, because after the sanding, there was more sanding to be done.  the things we learn when we do it ourselves.  like, you really do have to completely remove all the old stain on the floor... next time we redo wood floors, we (meaning the husband) will be pros. 

the original floor stain was a darker color, which i loved, so we redid it in a dark walnut color.  to be honest, refinishing the floors was pretty easy, just time consuming and much cheaper than paying someone.  so if you need some hints, be sure to contact the husband!

the banister and the stairs...which no longer match, will be a future project. 

here you can kind of see the floors redone.  we're setting up our bedroom and this is our new rug from IKEA.  one day, i'll get a video of the kona trying to run around the house. it's hilarious, it's so slippery for her.  this happened to be our first rug we put down in the house and so she had to claim it as her own while we could.

we are still painting here and there, cleaning up, fixing up.  debating what should be fixed now or wait until later.  good news is, we do have the baby room our bedroom set up.  we did have this awesome headboard and footboard that's been sitting in storage for the last five years...but we're selling it, it's much to large for the room.  if you want it...here's the ad!

i need to take some photos...but the house is still ripped apart...so just pretend.

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