Oct 10, 2012

into the husband's mind we go

this is rare people.  
we get asked all the time..."are you excited?"
well, of course we are, but we both aren't really the kind of people who shout it out loud to every person we meet, especially the husband.  

i rarely even know how he really feels.  
he's just so easy going, that unless he voices his opinion then i know he'll just go with the flow.
i generally go by the thought that if the husband talks about or even mentions a subject, then he really is super excited and is just unable to express it in the usual ways people do.  

like raising their voice,
talking faster,
not talking in a monotone voice
raising their eyebrows
just general things. 

i do love him though, him and his quiet self.

but back to the previous question
"are we excited?"

let's go into the husband's mind.

the other day, we were painting the casing around the windows and all of sudden the husband starts talking about  Christmas.  "remember how when you were little and you got toys?  and then you had to go to church and you couldn't wait for church to end so you could play with your new toys?"

i'm struggling to understand what brought on this random conversation, but then i realize, he is talking about the baby. 

he goes on "well, it's going to be like that for me at work, i'll be so excited at work to come home that it will be hard to work."


there you have it.  he's that excited.  
christmas is only in 4 days for him.  

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  1. I love it! Yeah for Christmas, can't wait to meet her!