Oct 16, 2012

this is what happens you do things upside down

found this on pinterest
i loved the writing on the lampshade.
i could totally make that right?

well, the first attempt wasn't so great.
well, it almost was, until we did it upside down.

i found this hanging canvas light at the thrift shop for $7 bucks.  
thought it would look super wonderful in my bedroom!  i'm sure it will one day...when i get it done again.

see the writing?  the han and I found some awesome quotes (pinned here)  
i even had the han write it all for me in pencil then i went over it with a sharpie
(my handwriting is slightly atrocious)

then, i realized, we did it upside down.

the han was mystified.  
you see, she doesn't make goofs like this.
she's much too OCD for it.

sigh, sometimes things don't always work out the first time.
next time will be better i'm sure. 

until next time...

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