Oct 9, 2012

please make sure to call us when she comes

so, there is this general concern going around
the husband's parents said "please make sure to call us when she comes."  
while my dad says "you're going to call me right?"  
as i'm explaining this to the mama she says "i kind of thought the same thing, i thought for sure you'd call me friday morning and say...she's here!"

sheesh family.

apparently, the husband and i are the worst communicators in the world.
we've been married for seven years...
this isn't like when we got engaged and bought a house in a week and derek didn't tell his parents for a while (they were on a cruise in his defense)
i feel this is more a one sided comment...mainly for the husband to make sure he communicates it to the world, since i may be a litttle busy during it all.  

either way.  it's just funny.  
don't worry family, we will let you know, or rather, i will make sure the husband lets you know.

also, i think i am now 39 weeks.  she's due on the 14th
let's all hope that date doesn't just roll by without her being birthed

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