Apr 5, 2011

Tale of too many Toyotas

But I say, you can never have enough Toyota.
We are Japanese you know, tis in our blood.

So this was a typical day at our house. 
Everybody has a Toyota vehicle, even The Kona.

My big little brother decided to take Larry the Land Cruiser to Georgia.
And since Larry has a special part in all our lives we had to have a photo shoot.
Plus, for some reason we thought there was a Toyota competition or something, so if you hear of anything, pass them our way. .. and we WILL win.

in order of appearance.
 1995 white celica = Hali
2000 red celica = Harmony (even though Larry is my first choice)
1987 rust bucket truck who runs the best = Kona/Hannah 
1998 something goldish avalon = Hannah (but a week later she obliterated it with some black ice)
2005 fancy black avalon = The Mama
1987 Larry the Land Cruiser = Jan (sigh)
green tundra = Husband (who says every day how much he loves his truck)

Hali was feeling very nostalgic and wanted a photo with Larry.

We told Jan to scoot closer. . .

kept getting closer....

closer. . . 

 . . . . 

 . . . .

telling Larry our Final goodbye, while Jan chuckles to himself.

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