Apr 15, 2011

To the half dressed black man on the othe line.

As some of you may know, I sell appraisal software.
I spend about 30 minutes with a customer training them how to use the software then turn them loose with some follow-up later. 
and much to my dismay, somehow I am a pretty good salesperson. . .let's get this out now. . . i don't like talking to people all that much really, well complete strangers anyway.
but today, I was having some issues with my brother from another mother's computer.
we do online meetings and i was trying to set some programs up for him and whilst minimizing the programs on h is computer somehow managed to click just the right button so his web cam CAME UP WITH HIM SITTING WITH NO SHIRT.

Luckily, he was a good looking. . .  

now, appraisers have a great job, they can work from anywhere as long as they have their computer, phone and internet, i once trained a guy who did most of his work from various Starbucks.
But for some reason, it never crossed my mind that across the states, I could be talking to an appraiser with no shirt on and who knows if he was wearing pants! 

so, lesson learned is this.
Always wear your clothing if doing an online meeting, just in case the trainer accidentally hits your web cam button.

another side note. he had the inside picture of a car, a very nice one I might add. so everybody around kept asking what it was...i finally noticed the RR symbol and asked just in case.
Rolls-Royce of course
so yes, some appraisers have a pretty sweet gig.

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